Top Foreign (International) Banks in Netherlands: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam

By | February 24, 2020

Top international banks operating in Netherlands

Ninety-nine banks are operating in the Netherlands, as Dutch banking sector is comparatively big. The most generally used ratio to calculate the size of a banking sector, explicitly the ratio of combined banking assets to gross domestic product, for the Netherlands illustrates that the Dutch banking sector is almost three times bigger than the countrywide economy.

Below is a list of top international (foreign) banks in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, and other cities in Netherlands 2021:

ING Bank

ING Bank is known to be the largest bank in the Netherlands. In 2008, the Bank received 10 bln EUR capital injection from Dutch Government that was fully repaid in 2014. At present ING Bank’s plan is to strengthen its positions in digital banking and enhancing capital ratios and diminishing cost/income ratio. ING Bank is determined to be a leader in the digital customer experience based on easier access, easy products and services, and tools to assist customers make smart financial decisions.

Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A.

Rabobank ranks second in the largest bank in the Netherlands. In 2014, Rabobank announced its purpose to review its on hand governance structure to address the move of supervision to the European Central Bank and new European laws and regulations that place extra demands on the organization of the bank. Beginning from January 1 2016 the cooperative configuration of this bank is changed. All local Rabobanks and Rabobank Nederland now have one cooperative structure, holding one banking license and releasing single set of financial statements.

These changes haven’t affect the cooperative values of Rabobank Group, even the way it conducts business with its clients isn’t affected. Rabobank’s strategic direction for 2020 is outstanding customer support, improving its financial results, and attaining a more supple and stronger balance sheet.


ABN AMRO Bank appears third in the list of largest bank in the Netherlands. This bank mainly focuses on domestic market while conducting preferred operations internationally. ABN AMRO Bank’s all shares were apprehended by Dutch State. In 2013, the bank announced that it could begin first round preparations for IPO. In November 2015, the primary tranche of depositary takes for shares was listed on the stock exchange. The Dutch State will be a shareholder of ABN AMRO for a while and will slowly reduce its shareholding in the coming years. ABN AMRO sets five calculated priorities for the coming year; improve client centricity, invest in the future, powerfully commit to a modest risk profile, practice selective international growth, progress profitability.

De Volksbank

De Volksbank, earlier known as SNS Bank is the fourth-largest bank in the Netherlands, which does not consider direct supervision of the European Central Bank. The bank works on Dutch market with aim on mortgages, savings, and payments. In 2013, SNS Bank was saved by the Dutch Government and is still nationalized. The bank describes the following strategic priorities: exceptional customer support and business operations, keeping moderate risk profile. Since 1 January 2017, the bank works as ‘de Volksbank’ to emphasize that the bank is stable, offering simple, useful, and affordable products and taking responsibility.

Also since this period, ASN Bank, Regio Bank, SNS Bank, BGL Wonen Bank and Zwitserleven works by using the sole banking license of de Volksbank.

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