Top 7 International (Foreign) Banks in France 2021

By | June 8, 2020

We have listed top international (foreign) banks, operating in France. International bank branches in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse and other cities.

Deutsche Bank in France has divisions such as the Corporate Bank, the Investment Bank and the Private Bank. The bank has 50 years of experience in working in France. It offers a wide range of services for example cash management, financial, trust & agency services, trade finance & lending services, integrated investment solutions, financing expertise as well as a full spectrum of products such as corporate, retail and investment banking ones. The bank creates solutions for private, corporate, commercial, institutional clients, and financial institutions.

Barclays Investment Bank in France offers institutional investors, government, corporate and private clients which are global and local clients a full spectrum of services and products in which it is a global leader, for example, risk management solutions, corporate financial services, integrated investment solutions, financial advisory services, private banking services, risk management services, informed strategic advice, strategic solutions, financial services products, and much more. Barclays Investment Bank has operated in France for nearly 100 years. The bank tailors solutions to meet individual requirements.

HSBC in France provides individual savers, big companies, small businesses, investors, government clients with wealth management, commercial and private banking, investment banking, financial services, asset management, wealth management products, tailored advice and much more to help them to manage their money. Whether you’re moving to France or you are an international student, you can benefit from a wide range of services and products HSBC has to offer. The history of the bank dates back over 150 years. The bank also offers individuals and businesses mortgages, loans, saving accounts, trade financing, and other services.

J.P. Morgan has been operating in France since 1868. It offers a wide spectrum of services and products such as financial services products, equity brokerage, wealth management, investment banking, corporate finance, asset management, corporate banking services, etc. J.P. Morgan in France provides their clients which are governments, financial authorities, institutions, corporations and individuals with tailor solutions such as investment banking services, treasury services, institutional asset management, asset management, and much more.

The excellent products, comprehensive innovative services and a full range of solutions which China Construction Bank (Europe) S.A. Paris Branch in Paris offers fall into categories such as Corporate Banking, Trade Finance, Treasury, and Renminbi Cross-border products. The bank provides clients with trading settlement services, importing and exporting financing products and services, different types of loans. China Construction Bank in Paris focuses on corporate lending, cross-border RMB settlement, financing and trading, RMB clearing and cross-border exchange, etc.

Corporate services fall into categories such as Corporate E-Banking, Deposits, Institutional Business, Credit Business, International Business, Fund Settlement, etc.

In ING Bank N.V. you can invest in the stock market, optimize your savings and expenses, use clear online banking, organize your budget, get expert advice, improve your income, apply for a loan, build up savings, and much more. It supports clients with management products, stock market investments, coaching solutions, investing solutions, real estate projects, life insurance, extensive market information, stock market products, financial instruments, decision support tools, analysis tools, a mobile app, and much more.

It helps customers invest in European equities and international financial markets. The bank focuses on providing private and corporate clients, financial institutions and companies with effective and useful services.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Paris Branch offers clients a unique experience. An extensive range of products and services include remote banking, mergers and acquisitions consulting, acquisition financing, assistance and advisory services, help with financial transactions, investment and corporate banking, support for your financing projects, investments and treasury products. If you want to sale and purchase mandates in China or France, if you need origination, distribution and syndication capacities, the CBBC Paris Branch which is located on Boulevard Haussmann is what you need. The bank encourages cross-border acquisitions and mergers.

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