Top 10 International (Foreign) Banks in South Africa

By | May 3, 2018

Top 10 Most International Banks of South Africa (Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg cities) 2021

Banking sector is always the most demanded and strong sector in the business setup all over the world and each individual country holds a different kind of banking sector which operates within the country serving the banking needs of the local public.

Every country owns numbers banks which include the local banks and foreign banks, the foreign banks are basically franchise and have their networks installed in various countries. As we all know that South Africa is a common hub of business and is boosting with the passage of time therefore the presence of banks and their franchise is also something demanded by the business sector.

However, when it comes to considering the banks in South Africa there are numbers locally operating banks which are being originated solely from South Africa and similarly there are numerous foreign banks too serving the corporate sector and local public of South Africa.

The top 10 international banks in South Africa which are offering a deal of great business and commendable service in the sector include the following:

  • Albaraka Bank Limited: Albaraka is a big name in the Islamic banking industry and is originated from Pakistan serving at a huge platform in South Africa.
  • Citibank NA: Citibank is a big name in the banking industry and needs no introduction; this bank has spread its wings in the form of countless branches all over South Africa serving local public and business sector on a large scale.
  • State Bank of India: As the name suggests, this bank has been originated from India but is serving public at large in South Africa.
  • ICICI Bank Limited: ICICI Bank is also a big name in the banking sector and when it comes to South Africa it is serving the banking sector with an annual growth of about 7 percent which is relatively impressive with so much of the competition.
  • Bank of Baroda: This bank belongs to the origin of Gujarat, India and has been serving the banking sector of South Africa with a very positive result in terms of all its financial services.
  • Bank of Taiwan: As the name suggests this bank has its headquarters in Taiwan and has been serving the South African industry in a very impressive way with ATM installation, foreign currency trade and much more.
  • Canara Bank: Canara Bank has its headquarter located in India and has been serving many countries across the world South Africa being one of them.
  • Bank of China: Bank of China is a very strong bank located in South Africa in the city of Johannesburg and has been serving the banking industry with a great input.
  • HSBC: This bank has a very wide network which has been spread all over the world and also has its branches spread across South Africa and is dealing in countless services.
  • Mercantile Bank Limited: Calling for the banks from Bangladesh, Mercantile Bank Limited is one of a very famous bank all over the world and serves the South African banking industry too.

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