The 5 Financial Tactics to Use When Growing Your Insurance Company

By | August 26, 2018

Growing your Insurance Company

Whether you’re starting a new independent insurance agency or joining an established small firm, expanding your client base and profits is one of the most pressing concerns. Growing an insurance agency requires a blend of outthinking the competition and providing quality service clients will rave over. The following five tips will help you expand your business and see increased profits.

Seek Additional Education

Every state has a minimum education requirement for those wishing to gain an insurance license. However, pursuing further education beyond what is required can be the gateway to success. In addition to your education in the field of insurance, seeking a supplementary degree in business or marketing can be extremely helpful when it comes to the challenges of running your own firm. An advanced degree in law will lend credibility to your firm and make it easier to persuade clients to trust you. In the field of insurance, you can’t be too educated! If your schedule is too busy to permit traditional classroom education, consider night classes or online classes instead.

Improve Your Marketing

One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your company’s marketing is to overhaul your website. Make sure you’re updating regularly with fresh content to keep visitors engaged. Stick to a sleek, user-friendly layout that isn’t cluttered with unnecessary things—customers should be able to find what they want without having to click around too much. And make sure your site is mobile friendly. Mobile friendly devices are considerably more effective at reaching an audience.

Expand Your Customer Base

Is there a demographic you’re not reaching? You may have an untapped market on your hands. Hone in on a target market. Study them and find out what they need. Study the ways in which your competitors are reaching out to them. You should be focusing on both what products you can offer that would appeal to your new market and what means of marketing are most likely to reach them.


Grab your business cards and hit the conventions! As with any business, getting your name out there is crucial. Attend insurance related seminars and meet people in related industries who can give you a boost. Contacts with financial planners, mortgage brokers, and even fellow insurance agents can turn into valuable leads for you and your company.

Add Policy Options

If your organization is founded on offering a single type of insurance – for example, auto insurance—it might be a good idea to diversify. While a streamlined vision is helpful in marketing your product, having a range of policy options can help you appeal to a broader market. Consider transitioning into a multi-line company and offering a variety of policies—homeowner, life, auto, and health, to name a few—in bundled packages. If single policy customers have been happy with you, they’re likely to consider adding additional policies if given the option.

Apply these tactics and you’ll see your insurance company grow to new heights!

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