Should You Require Courier Insurance?

By | January 7, 2020

Courier Insurance

Couriers often travel to many locations with valuable goods in transit, therefore spending a lot of time on the roads – more than your average driver does. Due to the time spent on the roads by a courier they are more exposed to any risks that arise and most insurance companies do not offer cover for these certain aspects, such as your goods being lost or stolen or even damaged in transit. If your vehicle is essential for your business then ensuring you have the correct cover in place is vital, if your van becomes lost or stolen, having the insurance in place can make a huge difference. Your standard insurance policy does not give adequate coverage for the type of work a courier carries out.

We all know that our thoughts on insurance aren’t the best, however whether we like it or not it is a legal requirement that we have to fork out the money for. If you do your research and shop around you will get the best possible deal, policies tend to be higher than usual as dealers know that couriers are at high risk due to carrying valuable goods round with them around the clock. Always read the fine print when checking your courier insurance, never assume certain aspects are covered without doing a thorough check.

There are a few options available for courier insurance – which one you choose depends on what your courier service is offering.

Vehicle Insurance – Vehicles are essential to a courier service, whether you use a van, car, motorbike or a small lorry for your job, you need to get the right cover, standard insurance does not cover business purposes because if something goes wrong you need a different type of insurance. Most providers offer an all-in-one courier insurance package but you must still read over the policy before purchasing as something may be missing which is vital to your service.

Goods In Transit Insurance – This insurance covers the goods you are transporting, this is a completely different type of insurance and you must understand what type of goods are covered and which are not. Some insurance policies will only cover what they see as valuable items, such as electronic devices and household electricals etc however your customers could be in need of different types of goods to be transported therefore you must contact your insurer or ask the customer to provide their own insurance.

Public Liability Insurance – This insurance should be considered if you are interacting with anyone who is not an employee and more often than not this is exactly what a courier needs. This insurance should cover you for any injury or damage received by a member of the public, however this is not a legal requirement it is just an insurance policy that is in a courier’s best interest.

Couriers operate in a wide range of areas with the circumstances being different for everyone, therefore finding an insurer who tailors to your specific needs is essential. Find a quote online today at and see what insurance policies are available for your courier business.

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