Road Tax in Europe

By | April 8, 2018

If you have a car and travelling in Europe, you will often come across toll roads where you are required to pay a toll at the end of the journey. These are mostly express ways and motorways. There are also roads consisting of tunnels in between where you have to pay this toll tax. The amount of this toll tax is calculated on the basis of distance travelled. This is the system in many countries including Italy and France.

Vignettes in Europe

Vignettes are road tax stickers that are used in Switzerland and Austria. Motorists are required to purchase these stickers that specify the duration for which they are valid on their windscreens. These vignettes confirm the fact that you have paid the road tax. In Switzerland, you can run your car for a period f one year after purchasing a vignette for 40 Francs. In Austria, these vignettes are available for not only 1 year duration but also for short periods such as 3 months or even 10 days.

Hungary, Slovenia, and Slovakia are some other European countries where a motorist is required to purchase these prepaid stickers. You can be fined if you are caught driving without a vignette on your windscreen.

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