Is There Volcano Insurance?

By | December 5, 2017

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Determining whether or not volcano house insurance is available or practical for your home and the protection of your loved ones can be a rather complex conception.

In general, there are a multitude of volcano house insurance policies that cover some ailments post-volcanic eruption, and others that will not.

For example, while most policies (per a co-pay) will cover damage due to lava destruction such as your homes infrastructure, driveway, or even vehicle, this is not always the case.

Since earthquakes and volcanos can co-occur which makes it difficult to find the perfect fit coverage for you. For example, Washington state volcano house insurance versus California – in consideration of likelihood or recorded volcanic eruption prevalence.

The differences between coverage from volcano house insurance can vary greatly, dependent upon whether you own your home, renting, or are living in a condo. You see, each dwelling element will have it’s own pre-written policies and coverage in place – some, in which you might be displeased with or not agree to – always read the fine print on insurance policies!

With relation to volcano house insurance, most policies don’t cover volcano-triggered landslides, shockwaves, earth movement, or tremor damages.

In a typical case or claim, there should be a distinction between what sort of flood and or car insurance policies you have, and how they may or may not interact with one another, or benefit per the incident of a volcanic eruption – and the damages to follow. This is, to say that not all volcano house insurance, if any, policies will cover damages to exterior elements such as vehicles, lawnmowers, pools, or other exterior (additions) to your home.

Damages to your home and surrounding (construction-based) elements caused by ash, lava flow, and particle matter are typically covered via volcano house insurance. Also, in the event of multiple volcanic-eruptions and/or earthquakes most policy will group the incidents by damage all into “one incident”, still providing coverage and reimbursement for damages, loss of home, and other physical property losses – with less likelihood of a “hike” or increase of premium due to multiple volcanic eruptions.

In most cases, conceptualizing what volcano travel insurance can mean tends to be a bit murky. For the sake of argument and factual presentation, let’s consider the purpose and value of volcano travel insurance based on transportation. Some national and international traveling insurance policies offer volcano travel insurance. This can cover one or both of the following: financial losses or inconvenience of a flight to a destination in the case of a volcanic eruption, or also: medical coverage based on volcano travel insurance in the event that say your international dwelling or person(s) suffer losses or injuries. While rare, these types of policies do exist, but can be quite expensive. Unless you’re traveling to volcano-prone places, it may be in the best interest of your wallet to hold out on this one.

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