Is Pet Insurance Mandatory? Is it a Good Investment?

By | July 25, 2018

What’s all the Hype over Pet Insurance?

Is “pet-insurance” really worth it? A lot of pet owners and prospective pet owners ask this question, but the reality is there’s no easy answer or blanket explanation.

Pet insurance, similarly to “travel insurance” can easily cost quite a fortune. The reality is, like with some other types of insurance – for humans – the cost can’t truly be defended or justified without a practical reason for obtaining such an insurance policy.

In fact, in comparison to other types of insurance, there’s more similarities than not. For example, the age of your pet, any pre-existing medical conditions, and even the breed can weigh heavily on determining eligibility for pet insurance. Even more ironically, location can even play a role in whether or not your pet is approved for insurance, or how much – for example a rural home setting versus a city home. Or for more understanding, consider that an insurance company is unlikely to provide pet-insurance to your little fluffy loved one if it’s – or proven to be – an “outdoor pet”.

Although there are different types of “accident insurance” involved with pet-insurance, the reality is there’s no payoff if your pet is, sadly, killed or dies from other causes.

Qualifying for pet insurance can be difficult, and getting your pet to meet the criteria or guidelines can likewise be a challenge. Just like human-insurance, a pet or pets can be dropped later on due to older age, medical conditions, and other explanations not otherwise anticipated or something that you perhaps missed in the “fine print” – so always be sure to double-check the insurance policy twice-over or by a loved one to ensure it’s everything you need.

Pet insurance is typically most affordable and practical when your pet is a baby. However, it’s lastly worth noting that many types of (smaller) pet’s aren’t eligible for pet insurance by most companies, such as a hamster, lizard, or snake for example. On an end note, co-pays can be extremely high and costly, so weigh out the pros and cons!

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