Insurance License 220

By | April 17, 2018

The Resident Insurance License 2-20 is for general areas which include surety, marine, casualty, property, health, and other miscellaneous lines, making it a very universal, and popular insurance license. Professionals can use the 2-20 insurance license to strengthen their careers and administrative authority from personal assistant to fully licensed agent and specialize in the provision of insurance for individual’s homes, motorcycles, automobiles, and watercraft.

Getting the insurance license 2-20 broadens your horizons, enabling you to work for most major insurance companies, organizations, and change career specialty or focus as you please over time, of if you simply seek something new. The insurance license 2-20 also allows professionals to write errors and omissions, different types of workers compensation policy’s and agreements, and even the ability to write bonds. The insurance license 2-20 is also great for those interested in, or already professionals in a legal field, or wishing to expand their knowledge. Also, for insurance and legal professionals, obtaining an insurance license 2-20 can increase both salaries, as well as lead to promotions.

There are several ways to approach obtaining your 2-20 insurance license. Whether you wish to become qualified to teach, or complete 200 hours’ worth of property and insurance training, or apply the practical experience of 1 year or more, there are various routes you may take to qualify.

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