Insurance 440 License

By | February 24, 2018

440 insurance license is the ultimate solution for any person seeking to specialize in the professional field as an insurance customer service representative, or licensed specialist.

Typically designed and enforced by Florida law, other states have similar title and purpose laws, as well as state recognized licensure. The 440 Insurance License is good for those looking to practice insurance enforcement, administration, or sales and work in both property and casualty areas of specialization. Any recognized holder of the 440 insurance license is legally certified to transact various types of vehicle insurance.

Some of these include vehicles such as watercraft, road automobiles, and also motorcycles. However, one with a 440 insurance license is also eligible to provide or sell, as well as conduct administrative duties for pet insurance policies.

It is important to keep in mind that with the 440 insurance license a salaried worker can still only conduct business with the approval and monitoring or regular supervision of an appointed, legally recognized and licensed “general lines agent”. For anyone interested in acquiring the 440 insurance license, a department approved recognition such as a CPSR, CPCU, PCSR, or AAI is required.

Other organizations include the RCSR and the CIR. However, alternatively, interested individuals can also apply for the license directly as a Florida resident, or achieve college level education requirements – relevant to the insurance area of specialty.

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