How to Attract New Insurance Clients for Insurance Agent

By | January 13, 2021

how to attract new insurance clients

Being an insurance agent is not the easiest job in the world by any measure. While a good salary in most places, being an insurance agent can be very taxing, tiring, and redundant at times. And while it’s great and quite enjoyable to get to meet and interact with new people frequently, if you are responsible for getting your own insurance clients and leads then the job could easily become quite difficult and discouraging – especially for those that work strictly on, majority commission or their job depends on consistently new clients.

Here are some TIPS that work if you’re an insurance agent looking for new clients.

1. Cold calling – while by no means the easiest or most enjoyable, it can be effective. However, in consideration of modern telecommunications and law, it’s important to ensure you are not attempting to contact anyone on a ‘do not call list’. This leads us to our next point and suggestion.

2. Rely on third party approved lists, and determine whether or not your employer or management at work is willing to pay for it. Do your research, and come up with a proposal to attempt to sell the idea to management if the idea seems valid. And if you’re on your own, try to find package deals and explore your options, always considering other quote offers. Sometimes, the internet can be your best friend.

3. Referral is a huge tool and benefit to doing good business as an insurance agent, so do your best to always dress and behave professionally, going above and beyond for each of your clients. Send a kind holiday card, check in on things, and don’t try to upsell your current, loyal customers if avoidable.

4. Network with other professionals and insurance agents like you. Whether it’s splitting commissions, sharing ideas, or relying on one another for updated information, you can never have too many friends.

5. Attend local, relevant meets of fellow insurance agents to explore your options, network, and meet with prospective, future partners, clients, or lead systems and contacts.

6. Consider creating your own website or blog, and adding it to your business card.

7. Last but not least, while it might seem ‘old fashion’, consider the investment of placing an ad in the local newspaper and or phonebook. Believe it or not, plenty of people still use both of these enough to most likely make them a worthwhile investment for you in the long run.

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