Non-profit organizations are always there to help low-income people and families survive their daily struggles. And churches are no exceptions. If you are ever down on money, there are churches that help to pay bills in the US.

Catholic Charities is a network that has been around for the last century, with the main goal of helping those in need. There are more than 150 local Catholic Charities agencies nationwide ready to be of service if you seek for their help. They don’t provide just assistance if you want support to pay your bills, but also help people throughout their feeding program, providing hot meals, soup kitchens or emergency groceries.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, you will always find Catholic charities ready to step in to ensure you’re getting back on the right track.

The Salvation Army, for example, is a Protestant Christian para-church with beliefs derived from those of Methodism, that can help you pay your rent and utilities. The only downside is that each church has a yearly budget, so if exceeded, it won’t be able to help any more people in need. Those folks will just have to seek another church that still has its yearly finances. Also, if you need clothing, furniture or household items, The Salvation Army has your back as well.

Moving on, there’s also St. Vincent de Paul – A voluntary organization in the Catholic Church, this society has a prime purpose in helping the poor. If you are going through financial difficulties, volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul will certainly find a way to help you get back on your feet.

Finally, let’s not forget about the Lutheran services in America. It represents 300 Lutheran nonprofit organizations throughout the United States and the Caribbean that want to help you pay your bills. The organization also provides counseling to aid you better cope with your financial difficulties.


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