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Road Tax in Europe

If you have a car and travelling in Europe, you will often come across toll roads where you are required to pay a toll at the end of the journey. These are mostly express ways and motorways. There are also roads consisting of tunnels in between where you have to pay this toll tax. The… Read More »

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How Do Tax Deductions Work

Tax deductions are oft heard phrases from accountants compiling the tax returns of their clients. These deductions, allowed by the government allow the taxable income of an individual or a company to be reduced by a certain amount or percent. You can deduct a tax deduction from your table income and pay tax only on… Read More »

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What Is Family Tax Credit

A family tax credit is a payment you receive for each child you have in your care. However, there are some conditions you need to fulfill to cash in those checks. First of all, you can get a family tax credit if you have an income counting as a salary or wages, are self-employed, or… Read More »

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Are Property Taxes Deductible in the US

With a bunch of big changes on the line, it’s like the Trump administration is deliberately trying to confuse the citizens. And that’s how an important question emerged: Are property taxes deductible in the US? The IRS was quick to respond to the questions but did it in late fashion and now everyone got what… Read More »