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What Will My Mortgage Payment Be?

What are Mortgage Payments Mortgage payments are basically payments that which are scheduled to be made regularly at a set specific time period, to payback the money borrowed. The borrower is expected to make the mortgage payments inclusive of principal and interest. The interest is the surplus received by the lender for lending the money,… Read More »

I Need Help Paying My Bills. What To Do?

It is not uncommon for some people to find themselves in a situation that they do not have money to pay their utility bills. It can be because of sudden loss of job or even a medical emergency that eats up all the savings of the individual. Fortunately for these people, help is available from… Read More »

Churches That Help Pay Bills in US

Non-profit organizations are always there to help low-income people and families survive their daily struggles. And churches are no exceptions. If you are ever down on money, there are churches that help to pay bills in the US. Catholic Charities is a network that has been around for the last century, with the main goal… Read More »