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Home/House Insurance Interest Free Monthly Payments

Home Insurance is a must-have in today’s world of unexpected disasters, unforeseen damages, infrastructure failure, and other unexpected causes of severe household damage and costly repairs. On average, even the most common home-repair involving any sort of labor and parts will easily start at around $1000-$2000 USD. Because of this, home insurance is not only… Read More »

What Will My Mortgage Payment Be?

What are Mortgage Payments Mortgage payments are basically payments that which are scheduled to be made regularly at a set specific time period, to payback the money borrowed. The borrower is expected to make the mortgage payments inclusive of principal and interest. The interest is the surplus received by the lender for lending the money,… Read More »

How Does A Second Mortgage Work

What is a ‘Second Mortgage’ To understand how a second mortgage works, one must first understand what a second mortgage comprises of. A second mortgage may be referred to as a subordinate mortgage; a kind of mortgage that is made on the bases of the original mortgage. Should the borrower be a defaulter, the original… Read More »

Countries with Lowest Mortgage Rates 2021

Money, inflation, increasing interest rates are some very commonly heard words. In most of the countries of the world, interest rates are really high and one cannot think about buying a house or a car. Interest rates are very important, as they decide the monthly mortgage, one has to pay. We are mentioning few countries… Read More »

Why Mortgage Rates Are Going Up in the US

Every gift might bare a hidden burden. And while most people thought that the federal government’s decision to stimulate the economy by cutting taxes and raising spending was a wise decision, this is the Devil in disguise, actually. Or, if you prefer, the reason why mortgage rates are going up in the US. The Federal… Read More »