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How to Evaluate Your Insurance Needs For 2021

While the “set it, and forget it” mindset may work for auto-paying bills or occasionally even investing in the stock market, it doesn’t apply to insurance — as much as you might like it to. Throughout your lifetime you’ll need varying levels of insurance coverage, and even different types of insurance. Insurance is inherently all… Read More »

Car/Motor Insurance Interest Free Monthly Payments

Many people do realize it, especially those who believe they’re getting great rates with large car insurance providers such as Geico, but most car insurance policies are in-fact based on a predetermined profit margin based on interest accumulated each month within the payments you make. Although there are “interest free” car insurance policies out there,… Read More »

Motorcycle Insurance For Summer, Winter Only. Seasonal 1-6 months

Each year lots of people from across the nation, from various backgrounds, yet of more important varying weather environments or climates, have a desire to insure, use, enjoy, and later store away their motorcycle when the cold or snowy season comes along. Something that many bikers aren’t aware of is that there’s actually a statutory… Read More »

New US Credit Law Helps Protect Consumers

American Consumers should be both relieved and excited. A new consumer credit protection law has gone into force and protects all three hundred and twenty five million Americans. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act allows Americans to: “freeze their credit and place one-year fraud alerts for… Read More »

Can Employees Opt Out/Refuse of Health Insurance?

In today’s modern world, workforce, and governmental standards, rules, and regulations what is expected or required of employees and individuals alike when it comes to medical insurance can be a bit confusing. In fact, there are variety of ways in which a citizen can be penalized for not pursuing, obtaining, and sustaining an “adequate” (as… Read More »