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How to Attract New Insurance Clients for Insurance Agent

Being an insurance agent is not the easiest job in the world by any measure. While a good salary in most places, being an insurance agent can be very taxing, tiring, and redundant at times. And while it’s great and quite enjoyable to get to meet and interact with new people frequently, if you are… Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Car Insurance

Are you looking forward to buying a brand new car from the saving of your first job but are confused about the insurance packages offered? You might be thinking I don’t need to get insurance packages I am a careful driver and my car has the best alarm system that would ensure its safety hence… Read More »

Three Auto Insurance Scams You Don’t Want To Fall For

Getting into a vehicular accident, though the damages are minor, is indeed frustrating. Precious time and money are wasted into repairing your own car and compensating for the damages caused by the collision. When proven to be at fault, you have to shoulder repair costs of the other car or property involved as well as… Read More »

Should You Require Courier Insurance?

Couriers often travel to many locations with valuable goods in transit, therefore spending a lot of time on the roads – more than your average driver does. Due to the time spent on the roads by a courier they are more exposed to any risks that arise and most insurance companies do not offer cover… Read More »

What Affects Car Insurance Rate

There are some factors that can affect your car insurance rate too badly. We have separated all the factors into three categories: demographic, car-related and personal driving habits. Let us review every category in detail. Car-Related Factors The vehicle you own has a considerable impact on car insurance rate. Some cars might be stolen, some… Read More »

10 Ways to Save Money On Life Insurance

Around 28% of businesses avoid getting life insurance due to the cost. But investing in life insurance can really help to protect both your business and your family. You can actually save money on your life insurance by selecting the right policy to give you the cover you need. Getting the best price for your… Read More »