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By | December 11, 2017

car insurance policy tips

Car insurance also known as vehicle, motor or auto insurance is for road vehicles i.e. cars, motorcycles, trucks and etc. its main goal is to provide financial support against car damages, body injuries caused in accidents. Insurance coverage varies from region to region regions; they cover vehicular thefts, accidents by policy holders, accidents to policy holders and accidents caused by natural disasters too.


Automobile usage spread in urban areas after First World War. as car usage increased, so did the number of accidents, but it was rare for victims to get any compensation and drivers often had to pay for the body, property and car damage.

First compulsory car insurance scheme was introduced in U.K under Road Traffic Act of 1930. This created assurance that vehicle owners and drivers had to be insured for injury or third parties death while there car was on road.

Public policies:

It is compulsory to have car insurance before keeping and using vehicle on public road under many administrations. Some administrations used “pay as you drive” insurance policy in which payment was made through gasoline or petrol tax, this would create surveillance over uninsured vehicles and charge on the basis of kilometers driven.

Auto Insurance Policy Coverage:

Coverage done by vehicular insurance policies offer six kind of policies and all of them are priced separately.

1. Bodily Injury Liability

This covers the injuries caused by driver or policy holder to someone, it also covers the family members mentioned on the policy and is not only appliyable to personal car but other cars to driven by policy holder that is not under their name

The important thing it to have an reliable insurance because in case of some serious accident policy holder can be sued so it is important to buy more than the minimum requirement stated.

2. Personal Injury Protection

The coverage done by this is injuries of drivers and passengers treatment of the policy holders. It covers medical expenses, car damage replacement and wages loss and in some cases funeral cost too.

3. Property Damage Liability

It pays for damage driver or someone driving the insured car cause to someone’s property i.e. other vehicles, lamp posts, buildings, road side structures, benches, fences.

4. Collision

It covers policy holder’s vehicle damage resulting from a collision with another vehicle, object or structure. It covers the damage even if the damage was caused by policy holders own mistake

5. Comprehensive

This pays for the losses as theft or damages caused by fire, earthquakes, floods, tornados, sandstorms, falling trees, explosions, riots, or animals. It even covers damages to windshields that get shattered or cracked in damage.

6. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

It covers the damage to policy holder or there family members caused by an uninsured vehicle or a hit and run case.
This also covers the damage when policy holder is a pedestrian rather than driving a car. Underinsured coverage is done when the driver at fault doesn’t have sufficient insurance to pay for the loss.

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