Best Insurance Companies for Sport Bikes/Motorcycle

By | February 17, 2018

If you’re interested in finding the most affordable, practical, and value for your buck when it comes to motorcycle insurance, consider insuring with Allstate. While Nationwide and StateFarm also have great plans and premiums, Allstate is definitely at the top of our list with regards to reviews, quality, and compensation within practical and honorable means.

It is worth noting however, outside the typical criteria such as age, DMV history, location, medical conditions, etc., that the type of motorcycle you wish to ensure can weigh heavily on the types of premiums your offered. So from Harley Davidson to BMW, Kawasaki to Honda, all the way to Suzuki, the amount of CC’s, brand, year, and design could make all the difference in your monthly or annual premium when it comes to liability and coverage options or offers.

Lastly, it’s worth checking out Progressive Auto Insurance, as well as Motorcycle-USA for more options and insurance quotes. Some auto insurance providers will allow for seasonal-only motorcycle insurance, or offer cheaper rates during off-season periods. While there are many determining factors based on you when coming up with an insurance quote, it’s worth keeping in mind that your history, the estimated monthly mileage, and purpose of transportation will also be taken into account. However, just like with cars, there are plans and options available to get discounts, such as military, good student, accident free, accident forgiveness, and discounts due to using the same provider for insuring your house or boat, apartment or car, and so forth.

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