Best European and Asian Countries and Cities For Startups 2021

By | May 28, 2019

Staring up any business is never a piece of cake and there is a lot of investment involved in different businesses. However, when it comes to setting up any kind of setup the most essential thing to consider is the factor of suitability because many of the countries do not support new businesses whereas many of them do actually welcome the same companies.

However, when it comes to taking a look at the different countries to consider your startup you need to make an analysis that whether or not the country you are planning to invest in welcomes your startup or whether or not they will provide you with enough of the competency to attain your purpose and your desired level of profit. A few such countries which are these days acting in a very proactive manner for welcoming the startups have been discussed here and may help you in reaching a decision in this regard.

Beijing, China

China at a very fast pace has nowadays been entering into many new business itself and followed by this strategy is also welcoming new businesses to its country. This state has been a pioneer in allowing foreign manufacturing companies to enter in the state and make their share of work. They are not only boosting their exports but are also keeping a keen eye on the imports too in order to help new startups enter the country. The best part is that the level of quality of all such Chinese products has also improved and many high-end products are now being produced and floated in the markets under the name of the new foreign startups.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia is a favorite tourists spot to be featured all over the world and with different people as there is a wide population which also lives in the country. This state has also offered a great deal of startups to the new businesses and the boost here is also very appealing because people from different regions are residing here and also coming over for tourism so the chances of success of a business are very high. Moreover, in comparison to Singapore the level of affordability in Malaysia is a bit reasonable therefore the struggle of the new business rest on a lower level.


London turns out to be a great place for any startup in the past few years and the incentives offered to entrepreneurs are also pretty helpful and reasonable to boost any business in no time. The main aim of the placements allowed to startups here is to boost the economy of the country and the presence of such startups may help reduce the level of unemployment too. Many additional businesses have emerged in London with big names and that too in no time.

There are numerous other counties too which are offering numerous tax reliefs to the new businesses in order to help them settle themselves in the business but at the same time having your own homework done is also crucial in order to avoid any setback in future.

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